Soltanieh design philosophy of clay soil on the basis of a cooperation with the aim of aesthetics and design Mlkrdgra with the participation of all members and based employers.
Employers need to identify and analyze (analysis) will be from among the most outstanding results based on the performance and characteristics of the substrate is selected.
Idea (Design) are analyzed during the design process and by sketches and three-dimensional designs are closer to reality.
The advent of new technologies, 3D design, ideas, and makes the perfect alternative design concepts are shown in a frame when the employer.
Each project has a unique policy that reflects the specific circumstances and context of its performance and knowledge of the characteristics of the substrate and the bumps increases the chances of a particular design.
Unique interior and exterior design features of the credibility and success of our designs.
The nature of each project always having energy savings over time
(Cost-effectiveness over time)